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History of city Shebekino in photos

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A small historical reference

Shebekino - center of Shebekino district of Belgorod region in the south of the region, on the river Nezhegol. Date of establishment - 1713 year. The city history begins with 1654, when the modern suburb Shebekino place was built a fortress city Nezhegolsk, who was a member of the Belgorod defensive line. The name of village was the last name of the first landowner, Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Dmitrieviach Shebeko, who settled here their serfs, founded the village.
     Active development of the city began in 1836, with the transition of his possession to the genus Rebinder. It was built sugar factory, a brick factory, mechanical workshop repair agricultural implements, distillery, chalk plant, two-storey mill churns, stud (stud), tannery, slaughterhouse power.
     In the postwar period Shebekino developed as a city of chemists. In 1948 it began the construction of a chemical plant producing fat substitutes and detergents based on surfactants (detergents "News", "crystal", "Neptune", produced liquid detergent "Fairy", "Alphiya", "Willow").


The two-storey clinic and hospital for inpatient treatment


Temple of Our Lady of Tikhvin

Panorama of city

Фотографии на сайте размещены согласно статье 7 пункт 1 Бернской конвенции по охране литературных и художественных произведений от 9 сентября 1886 года, срок охраны которых составляет пятьдесят лет после смерти автора.

По прошествии этого срока произведение становится общественным достоянием. Участниками Бернской конвенции являются 167 государств.

Российская Федерация присоединилась к конвенции 13 марта 1995 года.

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