Old photos of Ariogala
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History of city Ariogala in photos

1253 . , , . , , . , 1253 . Mindaugas , Ariogalos , 1257 .
      , . - , XIII-XIV . , Pukuveras , Vytenis, 1295-1316 . , . 1792 , . .
     P.S. , . - .

A small historical reference

The first written mention in 1253. Former names Eyragola, Eyragoly, Eragola.
     It originated from the settlement, located on the left bank of the river Dubysa, near the old Samogitian highway. Very old village, first mentioned 1253 year. Mindaugas works, when he re-established the Lithuanian diocese wrote half Ariogalos land which in 1257 were handed over to the bishop of Livonia. Ariogala often mentioned in the chronicles describing raids Crusaders in Lithuania. Witness of those times - Dubysa settlement on the banks, on which stood a wooden castle XIII-XIV century. It is believed that he lived in the castle Pukuveras prince, whose son Vytenis, who reigned in 1295-1316 gg. In particular, it was known activity in the fight against the Crusaders. In 1792 the city received Magdeburg Law, but grew slowly. It burned during the First World War.
     P.S. I tried to translate from Lithuanian history ariogala, happened not a fountain. Inquisitive - source in Lithuanian.

, 1939

Bridge, 1939

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